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Stormwater Permit Support

HRPDC provides stormwater permit support to localities as part of the Regional Stormwater Management Program. Water Resources Department staff work with local governments to facilitate administration and compliance with stormwater permits administered by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for stormwater discharges from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s). MS4s are owned by the locality and consist of the road drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, manmade channels and storm drains designed to collect and convey stormwater. MS4s are not connected to the wastewater collection and treatment system.

DEQ administers the Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) through the VSMP Permit Regulations, authorized by the Virginia Stormwater Management Act and the federal Clean Water Act. Through the program, DEQ issues and enforces permits to control stormwater from MS4s and other sources. MS4 permit regulations were developed and implemented in two phases; the applicability of Phase I and Phase II regulations is based on population and urbanized area. Click here for a map of Hampton Roads MS4 boundaries. Permits require localities to provide annual reports to DEQ, including information on cooperative activities undertaken by the Regional Stormwater Management Program. Click here for the most recent Stormwater Regional Cooperation Summary Report.

Six localities in Hampton Roads are subject to the requirements of the Phase I Stormwater Permit Regulations and are authorized to discharge stormwater from their MS4s under VSMP Individual Permits:

  • City of Chesapeake
  • City of Hampton
  • City of Newport News
  • City of Norfolk
  • City of Portsmouth
  • City of Virginia Beach

Six localities in Hampton Roads are subject to the requirements of the Phase II Stormwater Permit Regulations and are authorized to discharge stormwater from their MS4s under the VSMP General Permit:

  • City of Poquoson
  • City of Suffolk
  • City of Williamsburg
  • Isle of Wight County
  • James City County
  • York County


Phase I MS4 permits have been administratively continued since 2000. Virginia and EPA are expected to develop a strategy and schedule for development of all eleven Phase I MS4 permits in Virginia. Significant progress toward the issuance of these permits is expected in 2014.

The content and direction of both Phase I and Phase II permits is being driven by new enforcement and compliance initiatives being pursued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; by legislation enacted by the 2004 Session of the General Assembly; and by evolving state regulations. Revised state stormwater management regulations, promulgated during Calendar Year 2011, require changes in the local stormwater management programs. HRPDC staff continues to coordinate efforts to implement a regional strategy enabling local compliance with these new initiatives.

The Chesapeake Bay TMDL will be partially implemented and enforced through the new stormwater regulations and through changes in the stormwater permitting program and the requirements of new permits. Phase I and II MS4 permits are expected to support the Chesapeake Bay TMDL implementation by describing compliance requirements for existing development.

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